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How does your company ensure the safety and durability of its products during transportation and installation?2023-04-05T07:51:09+00:00

We pay special attention to the production of cardboard boxes, choosing three-layer cardboard for greater strength during transportation. We also use sandblasting equipment to remove all burrs and remaining chips, improving the surface quality of our products and making installation safe.

How does your company ensure high-quality production when cutting and drilling aluminum profiles?2023-04-05T07:50:40+00:00

Our profile mechanic workshop is equipped with both mechanical drilling machines and automatic machines designed according to our requirements, for the most efficient and high-quality production of mounting parts in the shortest time.

What is your company’s production capacity and where is your production located?2023-04-05T07:47:22+00:00

Our production capacity is 8,000 tons per year. Our production facilities are located in Istanbul, Turkey and include an aluminum profile factory, powder coating and profile mechanic workshops, rubber pads, EPDM and stainless screw production.

What are the types of services and solutions your company provides for solar power plants?2023-04-05T07:48:03+00:00

We offer turnkey solutions for solar power plants, which include customized solutions thanks to our own engineering center. Our parts are assembled into systems, packed according to European standards using original wrapping material in your packaging with your brand info and logo.

How long does it take for your company to complete a new order for producing aluminum profiles?2023-04-05T07:48:29+00:00

The term of production of a new order, including producing of the die and pressing the profile up to 100 tons, takes 2-3 weeks.

What is the process of quality control in your production, and what are the ISO standards you follow?2023-04-05T07:48:55+00:00

Quality control is carried out at every stage of production, according to all ISO 9001, 45001, 14001, 10002 quality standards.

What are the different types of products your company offers, and how are they assembled and packaged for shipping?2023-04-05T07:49:22+00:00

We offer aluminum profiles of varying degrees of complexity, bolts, screws, nuts, protective rubber pads, and all types of EPDM for insulating parts and cable insulation. All parts are assembled into systems, packed in boxes with your logo and branding, and shipped according to your style and preferences.

What types of protective materials and components does your company offer for solar energy systems?2023-04-05T07:49:47+00:00

We offer protective rubber mats with double-sided tape and foil, as well as EPDM for insulating parts and cable insulation.

What is your company’s approach to customization and meeting customer requirements?2023-04-05T07:50:09+00:00

We manufacture components according to your requirements and offer customized solutions thanks to our own engineering center.